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In Concert – Joe Jackson in Winnipeg

At those times when life gets hurried, with work and chores to be done, energy, come evening time, is often scarce. Leaving time to nurture our relationship to be a bit of a luxury. Yet all this hurried activity lends a strong air of appreciation for when those nurturing times come. This evening was date… Continue reading In Concert – Joe Jackson in Winnipeg

Out and About

The Lockport Craft Fair

One fine, Sunday morning, I awoke expecting to get started on my weekend to-do list. Made my tea, fed the cat and the fish, then kissed my hubby good morning (He wakes quite a bit earlier than me). Noticing the list in my hand, he said: - You won't be needing that today!  My eyebrows… Continue reading The Lockport Craft Fair

The More You Grow...

The Blank Garden Canvas

As the temperature outside begins its ascent, I feel the urge to grab a sweater and venture outside. The gardens are calling to me. The soft, cool, April wind on my face lets me know that its time to start tempering the garden plants I've been harbouring inside all winter.  The life force within them has been… Continue reading The Blank Garden Canvas

Olenick House Rules

Nostalgic Chicken Enchiladas

Being raised just north of the Mexican border, I've enjoyed quite a bit of  'south of the border' cuisine. Ingredients for tasty, Hispanic recipes are abundant in that region, but up here in the true north, maybe not so much. I'm just a little farther away now. Haha So, what do I do to satisfy… Continue reading Nostalgic Chicken Enchiladas